Springport Bible Church believes that supporting missions is an important partnership to further the spreading of the gospel of Jesus! We support the following missions:

 Bibles & Burgers- Lloyd McCormick 


email:  Biblesandburgers@gmail.com

"Feeding the homeless, providing spiritual growth and health and fitness education. Teaching hard work, discipline and community service."

Community Clothing Closet


"We hope to relieve financial burdens on  families by offering free clothing, outerwear and footwear."

Life House - Robin Webb, owner


"A mission to offer hope and a future for single women and to give them a desire to succeed in a place to grow family and faith to fulfill God's purpose."

Jose and Shari Salazar in Guatemala


"A program focusing on family preservation and preventing the rise of the orphan population by caring for children in the home environment."

Save the Storks


"Creating hope and empowerment for every woman facing an unplanned pregnancy, believing in the value of life at conception."

Joel & Ana Schrader



"Giving every international student an opportunity to say yes to God's love!" Joel & Ana serve with the Bridges International team at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign to reach the 12,500 international students on campus for Christ.