Property & Building Use 

Springport Bible Property and Building use Agreement 

Springport Bible Church owns certain real estate, including all SBC buildings and  grounds, all of which is used to promote its religious purposes. SBC seeks to exercise  wise stewardship over all aspects of the Property. Such stewardship may include  occasional guest use from time to time for purposes consistent with the Church  religious purposes and doctrinal beliefs. Based on these considerations, the Church  shall allow use of its Real Estate by others in accordance with the following  requirements and guidelines.  

1. Decision-making authority. SBC Elders shall make decisions as needed regarding  the use of the Church’s Real Estate, all in the best interests of the Church.  

2. Doctrinal Restrictions. SBC Real Estate may be used only for purposes and in ways  consistent with the Church’s doctrinal beliefs as reflected in the Bible, the Church’s  Statement of faith and its Bylaws, and otherwise, particularly with respect to sexual  activity standards and other conduct. SBC shall be the final decision-maker regarding  whether any use is in conformity with, or contrary to, the Church’s religious doctrine.  

3. Springport Bible may request donations or charge for cost-sharing contributions  (“fees”) in order to defray the estimated cost of facility use. No such fees shall be  charged with any impermissible view to profit, and any and all fees are subject to  waiver or reduction based on the prospective user’s financial need.  

4. Springport Bible’s Elders shall be responsible for memorializing guest facility use.  Such written agreements shall include identification of the religious purposes served by  a guest’s facility usage, with appropriate Scripture references (e.g., worship,  strengthening families, outreach to the lost). 

5. Insurance coverage shall be maintained for all uses of the Church’s Real Estate,  including certificates of coverage from other users as appropriate.  

6. The SBC Elders and Deacons shall be responsible for communicating these  requirements and other guidelines to all prospective guests of the Real Estate.  

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